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Terms & Conditions

You'll find that our terms and conditions are pretty liberal however please take a moment to review them just to be sure we're all on the same page:

1. MARKETING & PROMOTION: We're not here to restrict your creativity or place a lot of bull-shit restrictions on how you promote NaughtyAllie or NaughtyJulie. We have only one rule in regards to marketing and promotion, no spamming. If you are caught sending e-mail that is not in full compliance with the CAN-SPAM regulations your account will be immediately terminated and any payments due will be forefeited.

2. CONTENT USAGE: All content provided by NaughtyBank must retain the original copyright/url stamp. No alteration of the copyright/url stamp is acceptable without prior written consent. Any page displaying content obtained from NaughtyBank must have a banner or text link back to NaughtyAllie or NaughtyJulie. Any account found not to be in compliance will be immediately terminated and all payments due will be forfeited. In other words, don't steal our content and we'll all be happy!

3. PAYOUTS: We offer two join options for our sites. The default join option is $29.99 a month recurring and the second join option is $39.99 non-recurring. NaughtyBank pays 50% on initial sign-ups as well as 50% recurring for the lifetime of the membership for any recurring joins. Payments are made once a week via CCBill and they offer the following payout options: US Postal Mail, Fed Ex, ACH and ACH Express for affiliates with US based banks, Segpay Transfer for EU Based Banks, and International Wire Transfer for non US, non EU affiliates.

4. TERMINATION: This relationship may be terminated at convenience by either party, at any time. However, in the event NaughtyBank terminates for convenience, you will continue to earn commission checks for legitimate customer accounts in existence as of the date of termination, for as long as those accounts remain in good standing. If NaughtyBank determines that you have violated these terms and conditions your account will be terminated immediately and you may forfeit your right to any payments owed to you at that time. Additionally, we will add your account information to a well-circulated industry "blacklist" and in some cases post evidence of your "cheating" on top industry related Webmaster boards and Web sites. Bottom line, don't try to cheat us, you won't get away with it for very long and the penalties are not worth the risk. We started in the adult Internet industry many years ago as affiliates long before we ever had a paysite or program so we've seen all the tricks.