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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I access my NaughtyBank stats?
A1. Click Here to check your stats!

Q2. What is the payout when I send a sale to one of the NaughtyBank sites?
A2. We offer two join options for our sites. The default join option is currently $29.99 a month recurring and the second join option is $39.99 non-recurring. NaughtyBank pays 50% on initial sign-ups as well as 50% recurring for the lifetime of the membership for all recurring joins.

Q3. How often will I be paid?
A3. You will be paid weekly via CCBill.

Q4. What options do I have for my payouts?
A4. CCBill offers the following payout options: US Postal Mail, Fed Ex, ACH and ACH Express for affiliates with US based banks, Segpay Transfer for EU Based Banks, and International Wire Transfer for non US, non EU affiliates.